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[Article] 'Midnight' - In the darkness, before the dawn


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New Coldplaying.com article. A look at 'Midnight', from the beginning of the 'Ghost Stories' era!


Let us know your opinion on 'Midnight' now and where it ranks for you on 'Ghost Stories' :)


http://bit.ly/midnightcp (Full article, excerpt below)


On Tuesday 25th February, all was quiet on the Coldplay front with just rumours of ‘Magic’ being a single due for release in May according to music release schedules and 2 unknown animated images posted on their official website a few days before, something unexpected happened. Out of nowhere, Coldplay uploaded a brand new music video for ‘Midnight’ to their Youtube channel and millions of Coldplay fans across the globe tuned in to experience the fresh track. The first reaction for most of us would of been ‘Is this really Coldplay’? The downbeat EDM esque track with electronic ambiance, inspired largely through a co-producer of ‘Ghost Stories’, Jon Hopkins (it was built over his unreleased track, ‘Amphora’) was a surprising direction and largely different from ‘Atlas’ towards the end of 2013. At the time of the video release, we were clueless as to whether Coldplay’s new song was a single, just a teaser and when it would even be available to download ‘Midnight’ was initially received with mixed reviews from fans and critics. The most notable response was across various music forums were some general listeners who were not particularly fond of Coldplay, warmed to the taster track whileCanadian newspaper, the Toronto Star, did not not think highly of Midnight’s release strategy. The buzz track ‘Midnight’ was intended to be worked well as it amassed just short of 10 million views on Youtube before the ‘Magic’ video release a week later.




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It ranks real high for me. Wish I could have heard and seen it live. Love how it sounds like your in "something" a scary or dark, lost place and you have Coldplay there to help you and chase the horrors away and you know the Sun is bound to come up again and if you find yourself maybe close to the edge of darkness, alone or not feeling safe as long as you have your friends and each other to help you and chase away the darkness. You'll be alright. Stay in the light, look towards it and be the light.

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Midnight has left big trace in my mind. I always remember it like a very beginning of GS era. A new song from nowhere. Excited and scared at the same time.

And I love that video :wacky:


I love that video too! Yes I like to see it as symbolising the beginning of a new era. I think the analogy of the 'darkness before dawn' is really quite prophetic. It always makes me feel better when the Sun comes up. Rolling with the punches.... x

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I have to admit, when I first heard Midnight, I was kind of disappointed. As I was hoping for something similar to Coldplay's first 3 albums.But as I listened to it a second time, it grew on me. I now actually think that it's a great opening to the Ghost Stories era. :)

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