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Hello there, Coldplayers :)


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I've been wanting to join this forum for quite a while and now i finally got myself to join you guys :)


My first encounter with Coldplay goes way back when I was still a kid. I was often hanging with my sister who just happened to listen to a lot of Coldplay back then, mostly Parachutes. It was only a year ago that I rediscovered the band and I'm really glad I did. Listening to them also wanted me to pick up a guitar and learn to play. Thanks for that Mr. Buckland ;)


So this is my story with Coldplay. As you can see I'm still a rather new Coldplayer but I hope to spend a lot more time with this band and of course this forum ;) Really looking forward to my time here. :)

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Hello! My sister also introduced this awesome band too and I was really into their music a lot more than her apparently :D

She gave me a listen on Dont Panic but she never mentioned the band until I listened to Clocks 5 years later. If I remember it correctly I was in Singapore a few days before my first Coldplay gig with my sister and Square One, Clocks and Fix You were definitely my top favorites during the time. Ah missing my old days!


Anyways, welcome to Coldplaying :D Hope you'll enjoy your stay :)

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