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We need your reviews, just like in previous years, of Coldplay's yearly summary. This time, we are making a 'Ghost Stories review'. Pretty much the same as twelve months of Coldplay but 2014 was the year for celebrating Coldplay's sixth and slightly more downsized album! You can include non Ghost Stories stuff too such as A Head Full Of Dreams announcement at the end of the year, just most of what's come out this year has been Ghost Stories / GS live show related.


Format is the same too, so we'll start off in January and review every month until the end of December. Then i'll be looking to do some interviews and polls for a final article after everything and that will cap off the beautiful era nicely :)


Alright, so we need you to write the articles. Have a look at 2013's reviews if you need a guide on how to format it and what sort of content to include.


For each month, you can get the content from the Coldplaying.com archives : http://www.coldplaying.com/2014/01/ Replace the 01 at the end with 02 for Feb, 03 for March, so on... For quieter months, if you want to find more content, you can go through the pages on the Coldplay / Ghost Stories forum.


When you write an article, simple just make a new thread in this sub forum and post and save it in a word processor/google docs if you're not writing in one go. I will post/present it on the main site too once it's done.


LIST OF GHOST STORIES ARTICLES - Volunteers - Deadline date


January - Coeurli

February - Sparky

March - - Sparky

April - - Sparky

May - - Sparky

June - - Sparky

July - Grids -

August - - Sparky

September - - Grids

October - -

November - -

December -


Simply post (or pm me if you like) to reserve a spot. First come first serve! The articles do need to be completed by the date listed so make sure you have sufficient time :)

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Ghost Stories is possibly the best album ever created in this world. All this is my opinion.

It might not seem better than Viva la Vida, or even A Rush of Blood to the Head, but you can't deny the very fact that every track is beautifully soothing. Every detail is nailed. The album cover, showing two angel wings, that look like a broken heart, formed by scenes related to unconditional love, a person watching himself in a broken mirror. Plus, those wings are in A Sky Full of Stars, above Oceans (those are two tracks). Every line in every track is just mindblowing, specially O. Ghost Stories is made with feelings, of Chris Martin who just lost his family after a divorce, two kids. Even Guy Berryman didn't hesitate to get involved, he is divorced too. It hurts bad to lose the love of your life. The Ghost Stories Live is the best performance I've ever seen. Spent $4 Million for this?! Played for 900 people?! IT WAS BODY-BLOWING. Screens everywhere, Chris flying, lasers, the audience cheering. It makes me sad to see what Coldplay has now become, more of a pop band. Ghost Stories suited Coldplay the best, the world needs songs like these. Ghost Stories has helped save my friends from suicidal thoughts, it was me who recommended the album. The time when Chris had a basic, cute hairstyle, wore a black top rather than trying to have a cool hairstyle and all those jackets. It was perfection. It touched my heart.

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