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Enlighten me, please!


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Hello everyone! I'm just a new coldplayer and there are some things that really buzzing me. I just want to ask, what's the meaning of X&Y's album cover? This :x&y: ? and also the parachutes? :parachutes: ?

I wanna know more about coldplay from you guys. I am very sorry for disturbing you all. :( THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

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Hi! You ain't bothering nobody! We love this stuff. I can only give you my interpretations so here it goes!


For Parachutes I honestly think that the band just took the picture and really liked it. You might also associate the globe with their success but the soft warm photo to me has always represented the mood of the album which is introspective melancholy, searching for love and hope and dealing with common insecurity in a big and sometimes scary world.


For XY, the cover is a particular font that says X&Y, though you will have to forgive me for not remembering entirely what it is. For me, this cover represents modern computing and codes, which match the themes of insecurity, searching for purpose and dealing with identity problems when the world is becoming increasingly digital and perhaps fabricated and inhuman. Much of the albums lyrics lament on modern times or the future, and really try to break out of the status quo and search for human meaning through all the white noise. It also feels like a desperate attempt to connect with others, hence the message on the album cover.

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Reminds me a lot of this




The story behind the parachutes album art (iirc) is that the band had a cover all made but the band didn't like it. So in a last minute sort of thing, they bought a globe, Guy gave it a spin, and they took a picture of it on a disposable camera.


For X&Y, the band was in a very science-artsy vibe and liked the representation with the multicoloured code that Jonnyandthecake mentioned.

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