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Addresses to contact the boys by!!!


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hey guys-

i'm new this this message board, but i was wondering if anyone knows anyway of contacting coldplay????via mail or email, it doesn't matter...(actually, i really just want to contact guy, but its ok)

if anyone knows any, please post them here!!!!!!!! thanks a bunch...

martine :D

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i think even if anybody knew how to contact them, i dont think they would tell you. they would keep it alllllll to themselves, lol, jk, you can try going on the official site and writing to them that way, not sure if itll work but hey. good luck, and welcome to the board.

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Welcome to the boards!


I remember seeing something on a T.V show one Monday evening about http://www.contactanycelebrity.com and other sites like it. Apparently, they have ways to contact celebs, but you have to sign up, and it costs money. A tip from one of the show hosts was to sign up with a site where you don't need to pay right away, get all the addresses you want, and then cancel your membership :sneaky: Also, it might not be the actual celebrity, it's more likely to be someone who works closely with them.


Hope thatt helps!

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Guest LiquidSky

:lol: :lol: @ kasia! :lol: :lol: :lol:




hey if anybody ever finds how to contact them, don't be an ass and please let us contact them too ;) :D

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