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Meaning of Album Artworks


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I don't know if this has been discussed before, but anyway.


How are the artworks for each album connected to the content of those respective albums? At first glance, they seem to be completely unrelated, with the possible exception of the last three albums. Any thoughts?


Particular importance to Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, and X&Y.


Thank you!

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Before I give my answers/opinion, let me just say I intend on answering this by connecting the album with the album art from the BAND's perspective. Obviously i'm not a part of the band, but there are things they have said or obvious things that I can talk about.


Parachutes: The current album art was actually a last minute thing. The unsed album art was disliked by the band and at the last minute, they decided to take a picture of a spinning globe instead. As far as I know, they just wanted a good looking cover with no deep or hidden meaning.


A Rush of Blood to the Head: I do recall they enrolled someone to this this album art for them and the related single art. As far as themes and connections go, I cannot say but I guess it has a common kind of 'progressive art' theme.


X&Y: The band were moreso into the connections between science and art at this junture of their career reflected in the album art and music of the era. The art is actually a code in which the answer key is found within the page of the album art sleeve.


Viva: Chris has said that the basic genisis of the album came from when he was inspired by works of art from Eugène Delacroix and frida kahlo. From their work came the album art and the name of the album and the songs themselves.


MX: Another quote from the band; MX cover art, theme and songs were inspired by graffitti and the idea of turning grey old walls into colourful works of art via graffitti.


GS: Well, they went ahead and hired a professional artist to do their art again a la ARoBttH. The colour and wings on the album art fit the 'blue' theme of the album and the reoccuring theme of birds and flying.


These discussions always remind me of this:



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I guess it's all just about creativity....

It's audio and its visual. You have the music and the art naturally follows. Music and the visual arts spring from the same source. People want to their music to have something tangible to it....


Even music and fashion like to go hand in hand, and cross-pollinate one another. Music genres have been inextricably intertwined with the expression of personal style.


In every local music scene-from almost any era since 1966- visual artists have been part of the scene. It all springs from the same source. Music and the arts complement each other...

The art of rock...[emoji439][emoji445][emoji444]



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