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Aaaaagh! The Darkness.


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well alot of people here like them...so you'd probably have to judge for yourself but the singer is trying to be like matt b with hitting the high notes but he just screams and only cats can understand him! :dozey:

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go away' date='[/size']go away,go away,go away,GO AWAY,GO AWAY,GO AWAY,GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:



and I'm done :rolleyes:



Yes !!! I finally found someone that doesn´t like them !!! Hail Mimixx !


Yes do, you know it makes sense :smug: :P

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Love their music, HATE their image. The 80's glam-rock look makes you wonder whether we're supposed to be taking them seriously or not. My best mate said to me that they could be just sitting laughing at us all, because we're being taken in by the whole thing, and that he thinks it could all be a big con.


I don't like how they're being percieved as a completely commercial rock band. I sometimes think of them as a band who are just forcing themselves into a big rock stereotype to make people who otherwise wouldn't listen to rock music like them.

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