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I'm buying a new guitar...


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Hi guys, I want to ask if anyone might have some comments about good acoustic guitars?


I've been playing a cheep acoustic for 10 years. I need something else now that suits what I'm currently doing, which is recording music. I don't travel with my instrument and don't need it to be amplified, but would like to be able to plug into a laptop for recording.


I've been looking at takamine, taylor and martin (d-15m are apparently smaller sized?).



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Martin d15 is obviously a great choice but Taylor's are too. I would stay away from Takamines or at least the budget ones because the GD30 and the like aren't too amazing compared to the others. The the litte martins are great too like the model Ed Sheeran has. But yeah you should probably get an acoustic electric so you can plug it in straight to a laptop you are gonna need an adapter or audio interface though. For beginner interfaces I recommend the Focusrite 2i2 and the Presonus Audiobox USB.

Good luck on your career!

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Get a Martin Xseries if you don't want to lay down tons of dough. i'm telling you...they sound amazing. if you're recording, it has all the fullness and body of the more expensive Martins. the back and sides are made out of a high pressure laminate, which purists might say..."oh well it's not wood, therefore it's crap." Forget that. It's great. It's freaking better than wood. Cause unless you have a climate controlled room (humidity included), the all wood guitar is going to need extra special attention. Check out anything I've posted, including the Yellow thing I just put up. all recorded with an X-series, top is real spruce, rest is high pressure laminate. (HPL?). The electronics aren't the best i've ever had, but that's not why you have it. you have it for the actual sound it produces in a room. you can always upgrade the piezo pickup.

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