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Coldplaying Interview with Oxfam India - Something About Chris


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Hi Oxfam India, thank you very much for your time to chat with

Coldplaying. We are so excited to hear about interesting stories and

insights from you about Chris Martin's last week visit.


We know that Chris has contributed at Oxfam for a long time, and he

finally visits India for the first time, perhaps? How did it feel when

he came to the country and made the contribution for Oxfam India?

Yes, Chris and Coldplay have been great supporters of Oxfam since Chris visited Haiti with us in 2002. We were so excited when we knew he was coming to visit an Oxfam project in India. We never thought he'd have time to visit our office and meet all the staff as well, it was a wonderful surprise for everyone


What was the engagement like and what kind of activities has he done

when he visited the community?

Chris was visiting an education project with our partner EFRAH. It helps the children of very poor slum dwellers to get access to education. These are mainly migrants from various parts of the country who are now living in this area as part of a resettlement colony. He met a lot of people who were living there and spent time with the children at an activity centre. They were singing and dancing for Chris and then begged him to do a song for them - he did two



Source: Youtube


We are so interested in hearing the further story he recently posted about the situation in Madanpur Khadar where Chris says, "The main source of income here is sorting through trash" on Facebook (https://goo.gl/TBdfmY)

The people who live there are the poorest of the poor with limited access to basic essential services. These are mainly migrants from various parts of the country who are now living in this area as part of a resettlement colony. They have no sanitation or water systems and most live by sorting through trash collected from across Delhi. They separate the waste into different types and sell it on for a pittance to be recycled.


According to your opinion, what do you like the most about Chris

apart from his music?


His commitment and his humour. Chris is very serious about his commitment to making the world a better place and makes time to talk properly to the people he visits. But he is not just serious, he is very funny and always making people laugh.


Will Chris have a regular visit in the future? Or does he always regularly visit to each country that has been partnering with Oxfam?

Chris and Coldplay have a very full schedule and country visits have to fit with all their other commitments. We are always happy to take him anywhere when he has the time.



Source: Oxfam India


What does he really care about according to your point of view? We feel that he is very inspiring to all of us not only his musical attitude but also as a human being. We think that he has got a high level of humanity.

Chris has always made it clear by his actions that, although music is obviously his focus, he cares about the world beyond and he does what he can to increase awareness of people living in poverty and to try to improve their lives


Now we are jumping to talk about his music, what is your favorite

song by Coldplay and why?


Random survey around the office points towards a tie between "Yellow" and "Paradise"


Before we end the chat, do you have something to say about

Coldplaying? :)


Coldplaying is a great fan site and always keeps up with the latest news about Coldplay - wherever they are in the world

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