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Familiar New Places/Famous Old Painters


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New song. It’s a song written by Coldplay, Famous Old Painters, that was scrapped in the album that would become Viva La Vida And Death And All His Friends. I put vocals to it..which I don’t think vox had ever been put on it. Does anyone know if vocals had ever been put on it?


There's like close to 15 or so vocal tracks on it. I've been messing around with texture ideas in my mixes.


I changed the title to Familiar New Places.

It just fit the vocals that came out of me. And close to Famous Old Painters



Anyway, check it out. Hope you like it.



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Hey, thought I'd say hello again. This song has gotten me some attention due to a link on Youtube. A lot of positive feedback.


As someone pointed out to me- the first minute ..makes you think the song is going to have ...sigur ros type vox and that turns people off. And I have noticed that the statistics show that most listeners on this site...give up on the song around that time. But this song is all about build up, I promise.


So maybe the people that tried listening before...start at the one minute mark. :)

And hope you guys like.

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