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Let's make a story!

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Recently, Will started a rant about pugs that Noel Gallagher kidnapped, and ate Mylo Xyloto; "What is wrong with him?" [Will thought to himself.] Luckily the postman brought chocolate to a hobo and he chilled at Baker Street with Tom Chaplin and got very depressed because Tom left, but then the postman came back and gave therapy by chocolate. Then, Noel kidnapped another frontman named Marcus Mumford and he played his banjo for a couple who recently died painfully but miraculously came back to life with magic and Marcus to save the pugs from Noel but died again and was replaced by Will, [who] was Noel's guitar in disguise and it was actually very risky for him, so he gave up and decided to go home and listen to Radiohead and smell some perfume. The end.


Amazing! For this round you get to say 2 words per post. Would anyone like to start the next one?

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