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***Coldplay Question Game***


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You've always wanted that favourite Coldplay song/s of yours to be kept with you? In this game you take turns asking each other questions to save the Coldplay songs from elimination



What is the most famous colour-titled Coldplay song?


(This person then puts the song that could be eliminated from the game altogether)


Song At Risk: In My Place


(This person asks that question for the next poster, if they get it right they can add it to their Coldplay-Bank where he/she keeps all of his/her Coldplay songs.)






(then the question asker reveals the answer, if it's yes then that song at risk stays in the Coldplay-Bank of the the person who got it right forever, if they get it wrong that song can never ever be in the Coldplay-Bank and is eliminated from the game, can't be at risk again because it is gone and NOBODY CAN PICK IT:P)


You must put your current Coldplay-Bank songs in every post.




My Coldplay-Bank




(Because the person got it right, Yellows now in their Coldplay-Bank)


The person with the most Coldplay songs in their Coldplay-Bank at the end of January 2016 wins!


Good luck!


I'll start you off: what was tattooed on Chris' hand during the X&Y era?


Song At Risk: Warning Sign

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