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Rock in Rio 2011 Performance - Super Bowl Worthy


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Coldplay's energy levels at Rock in Rio 2011 were perhaps the highest of any Coldplay performance I can think of right now. The band seemed to really embrace the rock aspect of the festival, with an even harder guitar/drum-driven performance than usual. At least, the versions of some of these songs seem to have their rock factor amped up higher than the band typically performs them. This seems to be a great basis for their Super Bowl performance. Easily one of the times I've seen the band at their best:



(Full performance - sorry for quality.)


The quality of this video is much better but it cuts out the first few minutes:


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Thanks for sharing! I love this tour and setlist so much...exact setlist I got in Atlanta that year, except for 1 song (swapped Us Against The World for Everybody Hurts by REM). Lots of energy and an amazing show! I will miss these rock-driven songs on the new tour.

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I mean, it would be cool to see Chris in the costume of the particular Era the song is derived from but I'm afraid that will not happen.

I just hope the whole show will not become too silly in terms of monkey dancers and tons of props like others have used before them.

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