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where to find trouble


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farting bee site


i just visited that "farting bee site"

and the exact name is


http://www.fartingbee.cjb.net/ if anybody is interested check it out


i found out that "farting bee" means

Federation Against the Rough Treatment of the Incredibly Nice

Guy Berryman Eeee Eee!!


This website was made because of the "abuse" :( that was done to guy in the video trouble(uk version).

Their are also alot of good pics!


or go to http://www.seeyousoon.net/link.html then pick farting bee

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i think guy is the luckiest man in the band because he has 2 sites that are for him. :) i just got there newest cd because i've been stuck here in school with no money and no car for a month. :scatter: anyways i finally have it and i have to say that i love every single song on the whole cd but probably my favorite song is daylight . :blackley: maybe because that is one of the first singles i heard, well, i did here in my place first. I also really like the scientist.


This band is soooo talented to create such great and beatifull music as they do!!!! :infinity:

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if your talking about the song .. i havent heard it in a while. :oops: sometime i skip over that song so i can hear the other one.


if you were talking about witch one of the music videos, .. wich one did you like.


yeah the us version is boring, but i like the sceney and the backround. i guess its because i like days simular to that.

the uk version i couldnt really see cause it kept buffering it it got all blurry...i gues ill try it again :D

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guy looks very nice in the uk version!!


i dont know why i would skip it, i guess it was because it reminded me of certain things that i didnt want to remember, but now since i dont have to remember those problems cause ive fixed them. :D

its a good songe though, its all good ...go coldplay!!!

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