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[2017-6-25] Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden


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2. Yellow


4. The Scientist

5. Violet Hill !!!!!!!!!! This was such an epic moment


7. Paradise + remix

B stage


9. Magic

10. Everglow (single version)

A stage

11. Clocks

12. Midnight partial

13. Charlie Brown

14. Hymn for the weekend

15. Fix you

16. Viva La Vida

17. AOAL (restarted)

C stage


18. IMP

19. Don't panic (will singing)

20. Gothenburg song

A stage

21. SJLT


23. Up&Up



That was a crazy gig. It was sunshine-very heavy rain-sunshine-heavy rain etc.. The whole time (didn't rain during coldplay though). I'am so tired, wet and cold. But it was worth it. The craziest gig of life, singing my heart out and jumping so much. Such a good crowd, the band was on fire because we had been through that shitty weather. Chris was very funny with his coughing breaks in everglow, restarting AOAL and the basic "don't upload this to youtube please" etc.


Was at the front of the stage too (other side than CHEETAZ because queue was a mess). Will post more when at home and after the second gig. I don't know how can I make it tomorrow gig, but I have to go through this again :)



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And I can't speak for others, but there was A LOT of cameras IMO. And I'am not talking about "the spider" or two cameramen up front, also on stage, in the barriers filming crowd, camera "crane" on the right and also big flyffy microphones here and there etc. Maybe we wil see some proshot or recorded material from the future, who knows :)

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Sorry that it has taken me long to post this, but here we go.

WARNING! Really really really long post. A few phone pics below too, but more pics are in the 26th Monday Gothenburg thread to be posted (https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/2017-6-26-ullevi-gothenburg-sweden.107919/page-2 )




BACKGROUND: At first when I saw the announcement of Gothenburg gig back in October, I thought I was not going to be able to attend the gig. But I decided to buy tickets after all, and I'm happy I did. At first I didn't get tickets for Sunday show, but they immediately put the Monday gig on sale and I got tickets to that. I kept refreshing the Sunday show ticket page, and I did get ticket to Sunday show as well.


I left Finland on Saturday night, and I arrived to Stockholm on Sunday morning, went with train to Gothenburg. Hotel check-in was around noon, so I left the hotel after that to start queuing. I don't remember the exact time, but I arrived to Ullevi around 1pm. I met first forum member from here in real life, Cheetaz. It was fun to meet you, and queuing with other people around you who you can talk with makes it much more fun and less boring. We also spoke with a Swedish and a Russian girl, it was fun to meet them too. I am a Finn, so I am very shy and quiet usually. But I felt really comfortable talking with other fans, everyone who I talked with were really kind and friendly people.


QUEUING AND WAITING: The queuing was organized pretty poorly. When I arrived, it turned out that many people had numbers written in their hands. The numbers were used at Stockholm Friends Arena last year, it didn't work too well there either. They didn't give people numbers anymore, people were standing, walking, running and moving around and it looked pretty chaotic. After a while, they started to organize the queue better as it had stopped raining. Speaking of the weather, it was so awful. It was heavy rain - cloudy, not raining even a bit of sun - heavy rain cycle all the time. As umbrellas were not allowed, I had only my coat (which is not very good in heavy rain) and a rain poncho. When it was about one hour to doors, I decided to went quickly to toilet, and that was a bit of a mistake. They started doing the security checks already and the queue had moved a lot when I came back. I could not find the people I had hanged out with anymore, as they had already gone through the security and I got a much worse spot in the queue. I was pretty sad at that point, as some hours had gone to waste, I was "alone", and it was raining. But that is not all: they made two sections of people to get into the stadium and that was really frustrating, because they started letting in both sections at the same time, so people that had queued much less got in earlier than people who had been waiting for hours.


But then soon it was 5pm and they started to read our tickets. The moment I had been waiting for and thinking about so much, where I'm going to end up watching the gig etc. was on hands. After they had read my ticket, I started running and so did many others too and I can remember security guards shouting to everyone "NO RUNNING" in English and Swedish, but as you might know, many fans did not obey these words. As I was coming closer to security guards I would start walking again. But there were two security guards that were a bit, let’s say not too friendly. One of them wanted to stop me as I was going too fast, and he tore my entire rain poncho apart, and then another security guard took away my love button from my hands as he thought I had two of them, but I had only one. I was so pissed, but I decided that getting a good spot was more important than arguing with a security guard that I had only one of them. And I was happy I kept going, after all that dealing with the weather, queuing and security guards I got to around the fourth row in front of the main stage on Jonny's side. I was really tired of the queuing mess and pissed about these bad things, but thinking of seeing the boys soon really made me happier again. And then more waiting. And it was raining almost all the time, and it rained A LOT. As my rain poncho was ripped, I started to get so wet and cold. It was very awful to wait in those weather conditions.


The first supporting act, Lyves, started at 7pm, and it was raining all the time still. She had an amazing voice and hearing some music made the waiting easier. The second supporting band, Mew started at around 7.45pm, still raining. After a while, they stopped playing and told the crowd that they can't keep playing anymore, the rain and wind was just too much. Everyone was pretty surprised, and there was a lot of uncertainty. They started to remove the tents/rain protection around Coldplay's instruments and I could not understand how can they do that when it's pouring rain. I was really afraid, and if I understood what people around me were saying, the thoughts of the show getting cancelled came up. I was so scared that all that queuing and waiting in rain would have been for nothing. I was so wet and cold that I was shaking, all my clothes and shoes were really wet, I’m happy that my phone did not die from the water.


THE GIG STARTS: The clock was around 9.20pm and the rain was almost gone and suddenly Maria Callas song kicks in. That feeling of joy and screams from the audience "WE MADE IT" was one of the greatest feelings ever. The count down was coming closer to zero, the Gothenburg introduction video rolled, and Colour Spectrum and Charlie Chaplin speech started rolling. Then we could finally see them coming on stage. When Will started drumming, the crowd went crazy. Everyone was jumping, and I forgot about all of that cold and being wet. Confetti and pyros were amazing, there was much more of both than last year (Stockholm gig last year was indoors, so not very much huge pyros, and there was one more extra time stadium cannons were used, in SJLT). I’m not going to go through every single song, as all of them were great. Next was Yellow, a classic Coldplay song which gets the huge crowd to really singing along. At the end of Yellow, he said that ”I know it has been a shitty day with the rain and cold, thanks for waiting and standing, but all we can promise in return is that this gig is going to be the best f**king show ever”. The crowd goes even more nuts all the time, and I loved it. As the set kept going on, after The Scientist I see Jonny’s tech bringing this different guitar, I knew we were getting a treat - Violet Hill! It was such a good song live, and a bit of rarer and rockier pick. After that I was hoping for Birds, but I knew from Jonny’s next guitar and no Oceans that it was not going to happen. But then, Chris started saying during GPASUYF intro: ”let me see those Swedish hands, some beautiful Norwegian hands, some German hands, beautiful FINISH HANDS, and Danish hands!!!!” HE FINALLY SAID SOMETHING SPECIALLY MEANT TO US FINNS!!! That was so cool (He also thanked Finnish people and other countries’ people later in the gig for coming especially, if I remember right) GPASUYF was a really good live song, Jonny’s guitar playing, Will drumming and hitting really hard, Chris making this singalong ”WuuWuu-Scream”. Paradise and the remix gets the crowd even more going. And it always makes you happy when Jonny’s comes to the catwalk to play and he is all smiles in front of the loud crowd.


B-STAGE: And always when they kept moving between stages, it is so great to see them just trying to keep it calm, but they just start smiling from the crowd and every now and then they smile and wave their hands a bit. In the Everglow, Chris was very funny with his coughing break after the intro: ”This is why I would not have made it in the voice or the X factor.” And ”But when I’m cold, cold” and these similar lines were really accurate this time. And there was actually a fan asking to let Chris play Everglow, but Chris kindly said he is sorry it is not going to happen.


MAIN STAGE AGAIN: And although many of you know, that Chris’ singing in Clocks is playback, you don’t really see it live and you just enjoy the music. Chris changed his shirt again during Midnight, and of course you could know it by the loud crowd. Even Will started laughing and smiling of it. Charlie Brown and Hymn For the Weekend are such great songs to jump to and sing your heart out. Fix you, such an emotional song always, and when you hear guitar and drums kicking in, I get the shivers every time. A song where you can see and hear everyone from the band really well, even Guy singing. His baselines are really great, but he is a bit of shy even. Viva La Vida and AOAL, do I have to even say anything about them? Well, no, but I’m going to say the Viva chants were so loud, and Chris restarted AOAL because of messing up the lyrics, but it was fun to jump along to the intro again.


C-STAGE: It was then time for C-stage songs, and it was pretty obvious that they’ll play IMP and Don’t Panic. Someone from the crowd was shouting Don’t Panic to Chris, so it was convenient for Chris to say that it is a good request and they are going to play it anyway. ”This is from our first album, which came out in 1966, when most of you were really small” Chris commented. And after introducing Jonny and Guy: ”An oscar and academy award nominee, star of Game Of Thrones, … he is like a Swiss army knife, … This is Will mr. f**king awesome Champion on everything. He is going to sing this one.” He has such a beautiful voice, I get the goosebumps when he sings anything, I’m glad I heard him sing Don’t Panic. Jonny did not mess up his lines or laugh, and his guitar solo was amazing. Then Chris improvised a Gothenburg song, joking about the rain and telling about the great Swedish crowd. He was definitely a bit sad on the first day already, as he sang "Well sometimes I get depressed man, Sometimes I feel pretty down, ..., Sometimes it's hard being a really big rockstar"


The gig is coming closer to its end, and Jonny’s guitar in SJLT kicks in. That was such a great live song. Confetti, pyro, rainbow confetti, even the flames. ASFOS had some nice Buckin and even Berrytin moments, and of course the elephant fan on stage dancing with Chris. It was time for the perfect closing song, Up&Up. ”Believe in love” is really a message the world needs, always. The crowd was really good and loud, I had never jumped and sang so much. It was fun to get to hotel though, as I was still wet and cold, and really really tired. But it was totally worth it! I would do it again any day.


Coldplay really does it every time. I really thought I’m going to cry during The Scientist or Fix You in this evening after all that rain, problems in the queuing snd security guys, but no. They take all your problems away, and the concert is full of joy, happiness and togetherness. There was not as much feeling sad that the concert is ending, because another gig was coming. If you made it here, congratulations!




I should have the gig in audio almost entirely, I’ll try to upload it here in the near future! A few pics from this gig, but I did not have my p&s camera as it was raining a lot(see the other Gothenburg thread for better pics of that gig):



























A couple of pics more in the next post ->

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