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New Coldplayer, Old fan

Sherlock Holmes

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Should've made this my first post, apologies, instead of trying to hunt down a lanyard/pass for my son.


However, here goes:


Been a Coldplay fan since around 2001 when I first heard Parachutes. Didn't get to see them live until a few years later. June 6th 2005 in fact at the X&Y gig at Koko. Bought the album at midnight from Virgin Records in Middlesbrough, drive down through the night then queued for 14 hrs to get tickets. Also briefly met Chris and Jonny along with autographs before the gig.


I got into the collecting side of things around this time and built up a nice collection of rare/promo cds and the stunning ROBTTH lithograph (Ltd to 100) but had to knock it on the head once my first born came along. I'll get the lithograph out of storage when I get chance and post pics on the 'collection' thread, although I'm sure it's nothing most of you haven't seen before.


Only managed to see them maybe half a dozen times since then, but still as a big a fan now as I was those 16 years ago (how time flies).


Well, that's my brief and boring introduction done, time to read up on some of your posts etc.


See you around,



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Be welcomed to the forum! I absolutely loved your idea from the other post you mention, make your son happy must be the most rewarding feeling someone can have.


Only managed to see them maybe half a dozen times since then

Only? I wish I could have gone at least one time... No luck for me yet! :joy:


See you too, Sherlock. :)

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