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Question about tax/income? Need some advice


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Hi all :) I've recently got a part time job on top of my college (degree) education and was wondering how income tax works on students. I've looked at this salary calculator (after-tax.co.uk) but can't work it out. I've been told if I do exactly my hours I won't go over, but we're often offered extra shifts and good incentives if they can't get anyone else. I don't pay any tax on my payslips apparently, so what will happen when I go over? I'm hoping someone else has been in a similar situation with part time work and can help me out a bit. Thanks in advance :)

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I think a Coldplay fan forum may not be the best place to ask this question...


Can't tell if you're spamming or not lol


I've been lurking here for a while, finally decided to take the plunge and join:yum My apologies it's probably not the best place at all in hindsight but hopefully someone might have advice

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