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Ya'll got special gift?


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Now, it's the time of yeas where everything is cold, rainy and grey. You fell depressed, uninspired and blue... what to do :-o Then, think of how special and unik you - yes, just you, are... Think of your God given talents and gifts and what make you special? So come on, what's your special feature?


My talents and special gifts, for starters:


-I'm a lefty so i have the fantastic ability to write with my left hand! Duh!

-I have very light blue eyes, I think that's kindda special :shrug:

-I have some spce between my to front teeth (like Madonna :D ) so i can make a waterpole from my mouth like a fauntaine! i just love doing that :D

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chrissy you have the ability to read my mind! i thought about writing something like this last night before falling asleep! but i thought about the things that make me proud. so i`m proud of:


1. being a lefty (and at the same time having the ability to write wiff my right hand...yeah i can do it, it`s crappy tho)

2. being f***ing 5`9 tall (it`s supposed to be tall for a girl)

3. having grey-green eyes (my friendz say they`re very unique)

4. having one of the smallest boobs on earth!!!!! (yeah proud of it!)

5. living in such a beautiful and peaceful country as poland is

6. being able to speak one of the most difficult lingos in the world (polish `f course)

7. being in love with coldplay, incubus and the rhcp


man i could go forever but don`t want you to fall asleep.

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weedy_gonzalez wrote:


What am i thinking?



that`s what you`re thinking about:


'how am i gonna seduce this leggy hot blonde?' (leggy hot blonde=weedy_gonzalez) ok i was kidding.



Oh my God! You are psycic! *winks and smiles sexy*


MUAHHAHAHAHA! Okay I may be ecxadurating (spelling?)

aetsch001.gif muahahaha

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