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Amanda started getting stalker because she's too cute in this picture ...

... so we decided to do a little experiment and see if, switching avatars, I get stalkers, too.


Feel like stlkaing me? :wink3:


I know you haven't been on for a while!

It sucks!

Do you and your sis share a computer? It seems you're never on together.

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Yeah ... Lifeis4Living's current avatar is the one I was using.


Oh, yeah! Your sis contributed to that avatar! You should look it up!


So I'm never going to be able to talk to both of you at the same time unless she's slacking at work?






I'm glad you're posting a little tonight, though. You should post more pics to your web site. They're totally good. The ones you took around Chicago were great - kind of inspirational.

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Oh, that makes sense.


As much as I've posted in the Travis thread here, I have no choice but to excuse you posting there.


I think the last time we really talked on here was post-Travis concert.


I had forgotten you were such a Travis freak ... but you're my idol.


In the "Travis" thread Blangy posted the set list from the Mexico City show. I'm pretty jealous because the were about to play a lot more songs down there than they were here.


Oh well.

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The border is weird. Drinking across is difficult. They've tightened security. I can walk across the border and nobody spots me. I spend the night with friends in Tijuana and only have my ID checked walking back over.


It's just strange that I could walk over the border without anybody caring. At the Canadian border they ask some questions ...


... of course, those questions are about fruit.

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