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i can't use twin4life on the official board because i tried to register on that account but i never got the acivation e-mail because my e-mail address is messed up.


and i need a new username, any ideas?

oh, and i might also change this one, i don't know if i want two usernames, it might confuse me :P

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Make another e-mail then register under that one.



what do you mean?


i can't get into my twin4life account on the official board because i haven't activated it because i didn't get the e-mail.

and the same username can't be used twice, and i can't have it with a capital.


should i have my username as twinforlife?


or something different?

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why don't you email the admin? they *should* help activate your account


I've done it dozens of times on this board for new users :)


yeah, oh well i already registered.

plus i don't want to wait any longer. i hate waiting :P


hehe you helped activate my account on the site. :P

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Guest LiquidSky

should it be twinforlife?

no find something else

12% [ 1 ]

yeah it's good name, use it

75% [ 6 ]

no use what i say....(write what it is)

12% [ 1 ]


Total Votes : 8



the second one

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