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OMG ! 4000 posts !


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Breaking News ...


Sydney Bitchow has been caught off the job, spending excessive amounts of time on the Coldplaying message board. Perhaps this is why she wasn't able to break the news of Ben and Jen's breakup, hasn't been able to spill the beans on the Sex and the City ending or confirm the diameter of Janet Jackson's areola.


Regardless, congratulations to Mimi on her 4000th post, joining a group of only about 35. If that means Sydney's been off the job a little bit, we're all better for it :)

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Aww, that's the nicest way anyone has ever told me I'm slacking!! ;) :D


FYI...I haven't been slacking that much, I do in fact know the diameter of Jackson's areola...however I was informed I'd be paid a visit from her lawyer if I released such classified information to the world!!

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