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LALALA, this is bull...but I'm posting it anyway, so there!


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"MC Gwynny


Timbaland is in London courting UK stars for potential collaborations, and he's been talking up a forthcoming track featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay, and his wife! The Daily Star says he told one of his mates: "Coldplay are one of the very few bands I would consider working with. Chris Martin is a genius and we'll be working very closely together the next project."


He went on: "I've been working on Gwyneth and she's finally agreed to help out on some vocals on a track with Chris. She said as soon as she's had her baby she'll come into the studio and have a go. The chemistry between those two is so strong and if we can capture that on a song we'll have a real hit."


Gwynny has let rip before, in the film 'Duets', which was directed by her late father, Bruce. She's not got a bad pair of lungs, we reckon."

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