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The benefits of having sex


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1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Some scientific proofs prove that when a woman has sex she produces lots of strogen, and it makes the hair softer and brighter

2. Having calm and relaxing sex reduces the posibility of suffering of skin infections, blackheads and acne. The sweat cleans the pores and makes your skin shining.

3. Having sex helps you to burn off the calories of the previous romantic dinner...

4. Sex is one of the safest sports. You work lots of muscles in your body and it's nicer than swimming 10 miles and there's no need of special sport shoes!!

5. Sex is an automatic cure for depression. It liberates endorphines in the blood getting euphoria and, then, a well-being feeling.

6. The more you have sex, the more you'll have chances to have it again. A sexually active body has more pheromones and that subtle aroma excites the opposite sex!!

7. Sex is the safest tranquillizer in the world. It's ten times more effective than Valium.

8. Kissing everyday helps you to not going to the dentist. Kisses helps the saliva to clean teeth and reduces the acid which causes the enamel's weakness

9. Sex relieves headaches. Everytime you have sex it reduces the tension in the brain's veins.

10. Have sex lots of times can clear away when your nose's blocked up. Sex is a natural anti-histaminic. It helps you against asthma and summer allergies...




So now, get out of here and meet someone to have sex!! Read him/her these benefits and he/she will be yours!!!


*runs to meet someone to read the benefits*

:sneaky: :sneaky:

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I won't share them...this is a Coldplay board after all. :sneaky:


C'mooooon, Jess... It's general culture!!! :P


:lol: Alright, alright

Well they basically said that people who masturbate on a regular basis are more alert and are able to think more clearly than people who don't. And they're proven to be in a lighter mood most of the time :)

And...teenage boys who masturbate rarely get wet dreams

And it helps you discover exactly what sexual things feel good to you. :P

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awwww noni!


well, i didn't read right away, 'cuz i was more interested in something i can do right now, instead of something i've to wait for until much later! :D





But if you read it to someone now you won't have to wait a minute... :sneaky:

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