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Gambler Faces 'Indentured' Servitude?


BERLIN (Reuters) - A German man who failed to settle a gambling debt called police after his dentures were seized as collateral, police said on Thursday.




"He called us saying he was afraid he might have to live off liquid food for the next few days," said a police spokesman in the western city of Dortmund.



Police persuaded a 51-year-old local man to hand over the dentures after the owner promised to settle a 150 euro ($186.6) debt.



"He gave us a great big smile at getting them back," police said.




:D :D <<< look at my pearly whites! :sneaky:

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Police to Kick More Butt -- of Smokers




SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Ultra-tidy Singapore is upping the ante in its battle to stub out litterbug smokers.




In its latest social campaign to keep the streets of the wealthy and tightly controlled city-state sparkling clean, police are stopping smokers who litter and giving them tin boxes for their cigarette butts, and a S$200 ($120) fine.



"Smokers who persist in littering might think twice if they have something to put the butts in," the Straits Times newspaper said.



Also under the drive, students from 50 primary schools will form roving "anti-littering squads" this year to purge primary education institutions of litter, the newspaper reported.



In an obsessive bid to keep its green and spacious boulevards clean, Singapore has tried out a number of techniques -- from forcing litterbugs to attend 15-minute lectures on the harm to the environment to issuing heavy handed corrective work orders.



A law passed in 1993 requires those caught to perform up to three hours of public service or face fines up to S$5,000 or even two months in jail.



Signs warning of fines for spitting, smoking in indoor public places or not flushing toilets are commonplace. On average 245 litterbugs are caught a month, the Straits Times said.

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what are germans up to?! :rolleyes: :lol: :P




Young Germans Embrace Ants in Latest Pet Craze :stunned:

BERLIN (Reuters) - German children are marching to pet shops to follow a pricey new trend for ant-breeding, German insect dealer Martin Sebesta said on Tuesday.




After the creatures were showcased as pets at a German agricultural fair last month, the self-proclaimed "ant fanatic" has had so much interest from children and students at his Berlin store that he plans to open two new shops.



"Children love them because they can observe a mini-world. Every member of the colony has a different job to do, some collect food, others defend the queen," said Sebesta, who sells at least two colonies per day at around $126 each.



"They are easy to look after, eat household scraps and can live up to 30 years," said Sebesta, whose most expensive ants cost $1,764 per colony of up to 20 ants.



The biggest species he offers is from Southeast Asia and grows up to around two inches while others are barely visible, said the 28-year-old, who has been selling ants on the Internet since February 2000. He said most people preferred to come to his shop to handle the ants before buying them online.



"It could just be a phase but I hope not," he said.





i like this one: it could just be a phase, buti hope not! :lol: :lol:[/b]

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Hungarian TV Hostess strips to Run for Office :o :P


BUDAPEST (Reuters) - A Hungarian TV hostess sat naked Wednesday to announced she is running for a seat in the European Parliament as candidate of the upstart Union Party.




Anettka Feher, about 30, with close-cropped black hair, sat atop a table, legs crossed, displaying her petite and muscular body wearing nothing but a shy smile and some jewelry.



Besides her visible assets, she believes disappointment with the political establishment will give her enough votes to secure a Brussels seat in the June elections.



Hungary joins the EU on May 1 and has been allotted 24 seats in the European Parliament. Anettka rejects comparisons with Ilona Staller, a former Italian porn star of Hungarian extraction, better known as Cicciolina.



Cicciolina was famed for baring her breasts during a successful campaign for a seat in the Italian parliament with the Radical Party in 1987.



Cicciolina also ran for a seat in the Hungarian parliament in the 2002 general elections, but abandoned her campaign after a handful of disappointing meetings with voters in her native 10th district of Budapest.



"If they (Hungarian mainstream politicians) think I am just another Cicciolina, they are in for a big surprise: I am smart, and I have a daily four-hour presence on a national television channel," Anettka said.

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