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Launch CD-Rom?


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If you remember the CD-Rom magazine from the late 90s-mid 00's called Launch, Coldplay were the focus of issue No. 50. Of all of the issues, theirs seems to be the most illusive, never showing up in online stores (ebay, amazon, etc.). Does anyone here have the issue? If so, would you mind messaging me?

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8 hours ago, tb_abc said:

According to Amazon, the CD-ROM contained a unique version of Shiver. Does anybody have any info on this? Is it a live version or an alternate studio take?

I remember hearing about Chris doing loads of vocal takes for Shiver, and the band going with the version that was done in only one take, so I think it’s likely that there are more versions out there ?

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I found one entry of the CD-ROM in eil.com but it's 'out of stock' at the moment.

"COLDPLAY Launch #50 (2001 US Interactive CD-Rom magazine
with Chris Martin & Guy Berryman interview & a live performance of Shiver,
in card wallet picture sleeve)."



"Live performance". Maybe from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social? Or maybe could be a totally different live recording.

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Yeah, I've scoured the web for over a year, seeing the Amazon, Eli, and a tracker on Ebay, but have never seen it come up. Again, there are 54 issues of this cd-rom zine and even the really early- barely known issues come up occasionally. So why not this one... ever?

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