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New Album, New (AND Old) Members!

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With the new era upon us, im sure its brought in a few new users. Actually, im not even sure younger people even know what forums and messageboards even are now that there's discord and reddit. Either way, its nice to see the forum alive and kicking and new users make their way here. 

Anywho, its so nice to see old names back on the forum as well. Thought we can (re)introduce ourselves. Maybe when you joined, your Coldplay history, etc 


Ive been using Coldplaying a very long time. Back when the forum was different, it showed users who were around and active for over 10 years as 'honoured coldplayers'. Off the top of my head, I joined Coldplaying around 2006 during X&Y era. I think one of the first things I asked on the forum was a copy of X&Y to download since I couldnt rip it off the CD I bought! I actually got into the band in the Rush of Blood era. I think my sister got me their CD one day, hid it in my bathroom drawer of all places. Been here through every era since then, glad to see this one unfold as well. 

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I’ve been a member since 2004 (my senior year) I discovered Coldplay when I first heard Clocks on the radio. I remember spending days/weeks trying to figure out what the song was called...  😂

 I have have present for all the hype before during and after all the eras. I am too happy the forum is alive and kicking and am pumped for the new era!!

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