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lets talk about guy's hair then


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:shock: LOL @long gorgeous locks um...they're not :roll: THAT long... :lol: ...but yah, *sigh* imagine...that would be so cool...l mean....so nice, like, Guy's hair is scruffy so..l don't exactly think one could run' their fingers through it per say....BUT yah lol the idea is fantastic! ;) :D

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i dont really like running my fingers through anyones hair, but certain times...it's alright :D

i'm not even a fan of him having long hair though it is looking a lot better than that fro :o he had going there for a while

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LOL @fro...l like his hair when hes scruffy, l don't like it clean cut, jus the way it is...yah, l don't think l'd run my fingersthrough his hair.... :shock: sounds rather feminine to do it to a guy...but hell, if l had an opportunity...l'd do it! :roll:

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