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[2022-08-23] Hampden Park Stadium, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Captain Crieff

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Bloody hell, managed to snag West Stand tickets for three of us at quite an acute angle to the stage (80 degrees at least) but the prices for south stand lower or pitch standing were insane. I have reluctantly decided that this will be my final time seeing the band, had a decent run over 19 years from Earl’s Court in 2003 to Hampden in 2022 I will have seen the band 7 times and had I not had the flu it would have been 8 (missed a gig I had a ticket for in 2008) so let’s hope the show is fun and somehow improves on the fantastic spectacle that was Hampden in 2016 and Milan in 2017. Presale worked very well I thought and hopefully not too many are disappointed and fail to secure tickets

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I consider myself extremely lucky for getting tickets, but it wasn't a smooth presale. The website failed during my first attempt (after being in the queue at number 38000), and I had to restart everything again at number 36000. I also found that there was very little variety in type of tickets, and you couldn't even choose a seat, only a randomly allocated area with the "ticket type".

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