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Hi i am new and need your help.....


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I am called rach and a studenty in Leeds and HUGE coldplay fan since yes its a cliche but day one.. even going 2 paris to see them this tour as i cant go to manchester as its sold out and its my 19th birthday!!!


I am starting up a magazine with mates here, we are all part of the student paper but want to do something for ourselves.. so we are! Chris and The boys along with The Manics are prob the reason why I have always wanted to be a music journo, and 'Dot Rox.' is def. a product of being a devoted fan and wanting to do it all for youself.

Its only just begun so we need lots of ways to contact bands, which means i need :

Coldplays PR/management contact details....??????

anyone who has info i will love forever and ever!!!

love rachel

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i dont think you will get anyone sharing that sort of info honey


but best of luck - i would try going by the fanclub - there has to be some form of contact etc. through http://www.coldplay.com - failing that im sure some merchandise stores have contacts of some form that they would be able to provide


if you ever need help or support with articles drop on by, im sure there are a few of us who'd be happy to help :D

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yeh it's hard.. if they're not on a big company ..like hallornothing or summat.. grrr

i'll see what the official site says..

was gonna say if anyone is interested in writing about music or anything namely, politics, art and culture.. then pm me!!

I'll give you the editorial line on what we're aiming for.. 'anti apathy' is main aim..

love rach x

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aww thanks anyway :-D

..note: its not to stalk honestly, my mate used the manics pr company to get a really REALLY good interview with them last year so *fingers crossed*


if you look at the back of the coldplay sleeve notes there might be contact details, i have a few band's management details. You should look at the back of the sleeve notes first.

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