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I have a pet squirrel

Sweet One

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how about a nice twelve bore shotgun that would do the trick !


no but seriously , try sprinkling Pepper on your window ledge that should keep the pesky little rodent away

good luck laura





Pepper on the window ledge..i'll try that! thanks!


Hold a quadruple barrel shotgun against the shadow of the window, and screw that mummy's boy up beyond recognition.


Oh wait, its an actual squirrel. Give him peanuts and call him Pete.




OMG! Hey Reilly!! Thanks for the input my friend!! Where have you been?? :kiss: :kiss:

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Haha yes, and when I said I wouldnt use it for sexy roleplaying, I was obviously joking, of course, obviously.


Funny story about the squirrel annoying you thing, y'see, I do the same thing outside this girls window and shes all like "AHH GET AWAY YOU FREAK" haha thats the thing she calls me, its like an inside joke, just a little something we share.

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