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The Veils


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very old thread, but I'll reply, because I downloaded the whole album..and I'll probably even buy it when I see it.

And so I dont have to make a new threat :P

The link I downloaded it is now blocked, I can post it but it doesnt work.http://s36.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=02HSNDT3365I803E1ZUEWBPL44

The album is really a great piece of art.

One of the better albums in the 00's.

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They're currently on tour in the u.s.a. with liam finn,the new album has been recorded between july and august,check out what Finn said about it:


Done. Done. Done.

Here's a little track by track run down for you.



We've talked about this one before. It dances, it sings, it'll bring the house down i think.



It's loud, it's scary, it's also covered in mandolins, mad baritone howls and a blistering B3.



Ghostly little number this - written as a kind of unwitting follow-up to Under the Folding Branches.



A narrative concerning the death of a nameless vagabond with "The Dull Eyes Of A Steer And A Lion's Mane" set beneath a wall of guitars that sound like broken lightbulbs and a hammond being smashed to bits.



When it all goes wrong sometimes you have no choice but to just watch it all burn to the ground. That's the general idea anyway.

Big and quite, quite beautiful.



Not sure if this will make it onto the album or not, it's only a minute long and kinda ties the room together nicely.



Anyone that came to see us play last year may recognise this little number. The story of...well, you should decide that for yourselves. She ain't coming home though I don't think.



As mentioned before, the word 'Libidinous' immediately leaps to mind when attempting to describe this. Music to make love and possibly even build a small fort to.



Quite a departure for us this one, it reminds me a little of My Bloody Valentine crossed with Noel Coward. Make of that what you will.



Slow and very, very bare, probably the most naked my voice has ever sounded. It's sad, boy is it sad.



Those who came to our residency at The Enterprise earlier in the year will have had a sneak preview of this one.

Originally an hour long we managed to whittle it down to just under 9 minutes.

It's about writing, about giving yourself over to it completely and just going fucking barmy. Monolithic, a little scary and, we hope, very good fun indeed.



What would a Veils record be without the obligatory reflective closer? Sounds like an anchorman realising he left the gas on.


And there it is.

We're off to America now, come say hi if you can.


for more info:


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Finn’s Thoughts on Finishing Album 3


We’re all feeling frenzied and more than a little terrified at the moment – we have two days left of mixing and then it’s done…four years of writing, months of accumulated rehearsals, a year of touring, a broken piano, a brawl in a Minneapolis car park, infinite packs of cigarettes and a mile and a half of 1/4 inch tape, and then THWACK. DONE. NEXT.

The Fear is an odd thing – in interviews I’ve said time and time again that I don’t make music for anyone but myself, but it’s times like this that I realise

a) what a cock I must sound like when I say that

b) how glaringly untrue it is. I want you to hear it, love the shit out of it, and carry it on your backs out into the woods howling declarations of “Nothing Like This Has Ever Come Before” & “Let Them Be Granted Eternal Life So As To More Greatly Further The Course of Human Achievement”. And if you don’t I’m going to drive a burning car off a razor blade and vingar covered cliff with six AK-47’s in my mouth and a starved wolverine taped to my jugular.

In short…be careful what you say to me after gigs.


I’m so, so proud of it, and it’s not perfect, but it sounds real to me – real and grubby and squinting and so happy to be alive and proud to be on the shelf next to, not just our other records, but the millions of others made since Edison first scratched Mary Had A Little Lamb on that little piece of tin foil in the 1860’s.


My dad used to talk to me about what he called The Great River Of Music – the body that every single person to ever record a note has contributed to.

That’s right, even Paul Holmes’ Christmas album contributed to it, because there is no judgement there, just the big warm river flowing on and on and on.

And now here we are, standing uneasily at its side, readying ourselves to spill our latest little drop in, and it’s a beautiful feeling.


Just love it, or else.

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Because in general you don't need a new thread to announce to the world when some band announcing a small 4-date London tour or a new album :P


Some bands are large enough to warrant another thread, but I don't think the veils are one of them.


For me is the other way around,a small band needs more exposure

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We are all very proud to announce the completion of our third album titled 'Sun Gangs'.

We went a little quiet over the past month but I assure you there has been much toiling behind the scenes to bring this little bundle of joy to you in the state we intended.


It is an album we are all immensely proud of here in the west London Veils HQ, a record full of twists and turns that we hope will be of use to you in some way or another.

The final tracklisting is as follows, it'll be in shops in April.


1. Sit Down By The Fire

2. Sun Gangs

3. The Letter

4. Killed By The Boom

5. It Hits Deep

6. Three Sisters

7. The House She Lived In

8. Scarecrow

9. Larkspur

10. Begin Again


We have been filming some small visual treats which we will put on our website over the next few weeks including acoustic renditions of some of the new songs and two new music videos, one filmed in New Zealand with our dear friend Sean Grattan, and one in London with recent acquaintances the equally wonderful Jane Pollard & Iain Forsyth.


The tidal wave of interviews is to commence soon and I must ask all of you to please consider while reading them that I am by nature a shy and increasingly insular human being that when confronted with a line of heavy questioning will lie stolidly and mercilessly until the threat desists.

Thank you, now let's go have a lovely year.



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Rough Trade Records are delighted to announce the stunning new album from The Veils, ‘Sun Gangs’


The Veils are Finn Andrews, (vocals, guitar, piano, New Zealand) Sophia Burn, (bass, New Zealand) Dan Raishbrook (guitar, odd noise, England) and Henning Dietz (drums, Germany). ‘Sun Gangs’ is their third album, and without a doubt their finest to date.


By turns epic, desolate, wildly romantic and anguished, ‘Sun Gangs’ is a bold and distinctive record described by Finn as “a very modern mixture of prayers, love letters and personal record keeping”. Produced by Graham Sutton (Jarvis Cocker / Bark Psychosis) it is their most ambitious record yet ranging from the yearning elegy of ‘Sit Down By The Fire’, to the charred, mantis-like groove of ‘Killed By The Boom’ - this is a record unlike many we are likely to hear this year.


So many stories, words, tones and ideas punctuate its gradually unfolding landscape as that incomparable voice cries and hollers.


“’Sit Down By The Fire’ is about watching something collapse, and it being quite pretty to look at,” offers Finn. “’Killed By The Boom’ is possibly about The Wire’s Omar Little. ‘It Hits Deep’ is about being a man, in a bar alone, on a tropical island resort, as the light gets dim and the world goes fuzzy. ‘Larkspur’ is somewhere else entirely.”


“I really wanted to write something that hangs together in perhaps a not so obvious way; not just some collection of singles but a real voyage into something, something strange and unspecific but totally emotionally consuming. It’s also kinda just a break-up record in many ways.”


Finn’s father Barry Andrews was a founding member of the highly influential group XTC in the late 1970s, later going on to tour with the likes of Robert Fripp & Brian Eno, Iggy Pop & David Bowie.


In younger days in Auckland, thousands of miles away from his father, Finn sang at a folk club up a volcano, and sidelined a desire to paint when he began hearing musicians like Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen, Roy Orbison & Bob Dylan - contemplating that there was perhaps more to life than the bleeping Eighties electronica and early days of New Wave which had surrounded his first London foray.


In ‘Sun Gangs’ The Veils have brought Finn’s early influences full circle, and created a record that truly lives up to the huge promise and talent that they have always exhibited.

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