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Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

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Thank you over and over!!!


Have to say thanx for the ingenious idea of supplying us mere, limited internet users (can only access while at work...and even then it's frowned upon!) with gorge pics of the God that is Chris Martin!!! I now have lovely wallpaper which will brighten up the dullest of mundane Mondays!!! Thanx!!!!! :P

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Such an amazing set design with an amazing singer! (And Will of course!)

Look at those gorgeous curls :heart_eyes:

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i mentioned i had put a pic of guy for my wallpaper and nearly got my head torn off by the creator of the site....i'm kind of cautious now to what i say about my pic frenzy...hehe...but stouffer knows how i feel.

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He was sooooooooo cute in the "Yellow" video clip... :shock: That seems ages ago. They've come such a long way. :-D


Haven't they just :roll: When i first heard Yellow i fell in loooovvveee with this band...hmm....nothing much has changed for me then... 8)



"nothing else compares..:puppydogeyes: "

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