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5 thoughts on your mind right now!


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ok, so i'm not exactly original! :P


but i liked this thread from another forum, so here it is...take a whack at it folks! :cool:



-- the girl in White Rabbit (someone in the other forum)'s avatar

-- i've to finish proofreading my colleague's memo for him

-- have to do my other work that my super gave me this morning!

-- that brocolli/cream soup sure was nice for lunch today! *belches* :wink3: :lol:

-- i need to go do some exercise this evening rather than sit in front of this computer monitor! :rolleyes:

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Waiting for a called from my boss who´s in Germany right now!!!!...I hate her!!

Finishing to check some leadership files!!!!!

My friend .....Kmen..where the hell are you?????!!!!!

Singing I miss you by Coldplay!!!!!

what am I going to do this weekend!!!!??????

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1/ what should i make for dinner?

2/ do i have enough money to buy a cd

3/ school sucks..someone kill me

4/ school majorly sucks...someone...really..KILL ME

5/ sleep would be nice






:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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* Jeez i just had to think again about how my class and my prof is ('cuz i saw laura post about her college!)


* yeah, i'm not creative...i steal other forums' idea for making this thread


* the Dido pic i saw somewhere just now sure is nice! :D


* what?--i've only made one correction yet while proofreading the memo?! shit!


* i'm online waaaaaaaaaaaay too much! :embarrased:

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*I think Laura is in love with Chad


*I wonder on a scale of 1 to 10 how hot laura is


*I wonder on a scale of 1 to 10 how hot I am


*Shut the fuck up you knumpf


*Now what should I type?


Those were most genuine thoughts, believe me.

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* damn that bananaman sure knows how to put his thoughts to paper!


* feck it...i just remembered that i missed a 2-hour training i was supposed to go to this afternoon! :stunned:


* my mind is too full of thoughts about other things!


* damn! why are some girls so attractive!


* stop thinking about girls for like 5 minutes, dude! :rolleyes:



i swear...those were kinda the thoughts just popped up in my head! :stunned:

totally unedited!

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*Damnit now Im thinking about girls, Keira Knightley, I'd do her rightly


*I just came home from football training, it lasted two hours what about that


*Now I have to sell 5 fucking unsellable tickets for a stupid football match no-one wants to see


*Maybe my girlfriend will buy one


*Damn I would do her

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Guest LiquidSky

- hmmmmmm why did I vomit this morning?

- hmmmmmm I need to start eating right rather that just picking whatever...see that's why you get sick Josey! :angry:

-God damn it Joscey! All-right I'll eat a tacos then...tacos? no, eat something more healthy....like umm soap! :idea2: umm fish.... yeah fish...I'll have fish then ;)

- ohh and don't forget you have to call that dude..call? I don't really wanna call...he wants to go to movies or something like that...I don't feel like going out... :dozey:

- :idea2: just call and say you are sick! hey! that's good! :idea2: I mean, I'm not really lying right? 'cause I did threw up this morning...so you know that counts...*nodding head* yeah..I guess.... :shifty: agrh! I am so mean... :/ Fine! don't call :rolleyes: :dozey:


the little voice in my head is a little crazy..... :rolleyes: :lol: :embarrased:

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