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Floor queuing advice!


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I have never been to a Coldplay concert before and never in a big stadium like the ones they are playing for this tour at the moment. I have general standing tickets and I would like to be in the very front rows but I do not know what time I should start queuing? If anyone else has any experience in this, could you please drop a comment? Thank you 🙂

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I had early entry at Wembley stadium last year. There were around 1000 early entry tickets and that was enough to fill out the front row around the stage/catwalk/b-stage, so I'm afraid with general entry it's unlikely you'll get on the barrier. If you're willing to queue all day (i.e. from the morning) to be near the front of the GA queue I'd say you've got a good chance of getting to the 2nd row. Hope this helps!

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I think Martin summed it all pretty well. 

I also think it depends on the country, I was in Brussels last year and the queue was reasonable at midday. But in Barcelona there were like 500 600 people very early in the morning, 

What they did is that they took the first 500 people in the queue and helped them to get inside the venue safer and quietly on 20 30 people groups to avoid pushing and running. 

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