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Questions about new album


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I haven't been on the site in a while and was wondering what the latest news was concerning the release of the third album? Any big news or is it still projected for early 2005? Also, someone was mentioning the following songs as possibly being on album # 3: "Groves of Autumn," "Cross Roads," and "No longer here." Has anyone else heard of these songs? Have they been performed live? What are they like?

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Well Coldplay have been recording in Liverpool and London since about December, however there will definitely not be any releases in 2004 (according to the official site).


I haven't heard anything about a title, nor any of those songs.


New songs they played on tour in 2003 though were:


Poor Me



Ladder to the Sun

World Turned Upside Down


Sweet Marianne (although that was 2002)

Solid Ground


Can't think of anymore off hand, most of them are pretty good...I don't know how many (if any) will make the album though.


You can download some of them from the multimedia section of this board. :)




BTW welcome to the board! :D

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