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I've just been over to the official board and it's made me so mad!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:


They're (still) talking about Chris and the paps and I can't stand the way they talk about him (that c*nt, idiot, pathetic fool etc...). They critise EVERYTHING he does, compare him unfavourably to other frontmen and challenge everything he does! These are some examples:


send the cu*t to jail he can educate inmates about making trade fair.


isnt Chris Coldplay?? :roll:


he'll get taken up the arse in jail


I know everyone has a right to an opinion and to free speech but they're talking like this on a COLDPLAY message boards for FANS OF COLDPLAY! I hate the fact that on that board it's "cool" to diss him, people you see around on other boards who talk favourably about him tear him to pieces there!


And apart from anything else they don't friggin' know him and what he has to deal with. I know we talk about him and his life, but we only do it jokingly! They're saying that they would never act like an idiot, but how do they know??? Are they in that situation??? NO!!!


AGHH!!! I'm steaming.


Sorry, this has nothing to do with this board, but I needed to let off steam!!


*calms down*

*ends rant*



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:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


How dare they the bastards(Sorry Ian forgive me for what im gonna say)


The Pee brain losers just because they think the lead singer of Westlife is God and they can`t stand the real talent which is Coldplay and Chris Martin.

Them Toss pots need to make their own message board for themselves and piss off there so that we don`t have to read any shit like that :angry:

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Maybe I'm just being stupid, but despite everything he's just a person, a person who might occasionally check the message board to see what his supposed 'fans' think of him.


I just don't think it's fair that they critisise him so much on a board dedicated to his band :cry:

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Yer, hes gonna think that because hes been like arrested for attacking a paps car and sumtimes attackin the paps...but hes doing it for the protection of Gwen and th baby so hes not really in the wrong


i can`t stand people who critisize people who they don`t really know, and they don`t really know what happened, because for all they know, the paps were right and they wernt.


People should lay off Chris, and i can`t belive that they brought MTF into their rant, he does that for a reason and a very good reason, plus he doesn`t deserve to go into prison

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I stopped going there a couple of weeks ago because all they talk about in the Cp threads its Chris getting arrested or Chris battering a toggy man


Im standing by Chris, he only wants to protect his wife and child, and he wants privicy..why can`t the bastards understand :huh:


It gets me really angry when people like them people on the board just slag Chris off like that and say oh hes wrong ect..what would they do in his situation? let Gywenth Get hurt by a toggy man like say if he tripped her up and shes like 8-9 months preggers? Or get in the toggy mans way and in extream cases bash the bastard lol :lol:


I know what i would pick

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