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Will Chris join a reality TV show?


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A reality TV show will demean politics, say Tories, who fear it may try to oust their leader.


ITV launched a national talent contest to find a future MP yesterday, shrugging off accusations that the Pop Idol-inspired show was demeaning politics and could even result in Michael Howard, the Tory party leader, losing his seat.


Vote For Me will copy the successful format of so-called reality television shows such as Fame Academy and Pop Idol, but will offer contestants the chance of a future at Westminster rather than in pop music.


John Sargeant, the former BBC political correspondent, will be on the panel of judges - the producers are also approaching Martha Lane Fox, the founder of Lastminute.com, and Chris Martin, of the rock band Coldplay - who will select 10 finalists from the public. Each contestant will have to produce a manifesto and "audition" in front of the panel.


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Guest LiquidSky

Do you really think he is gonna join in? I mean come on, he can't even handle someone taking a picture of him... :lol:

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If just found out that this is true and he is judging this contest


there was a poster up in the music block at my school saying about it and it said coldplay`s Chris Martin radio 1s mark and lard and sum1 else will be judging


my best mate is going in for the contest and she sed i can go with her so maybe i mite get to meet the man himself :D

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