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So what's your name dude? :D


Azuolas, dudette! :lol: yeah i know it prolly sounds funny, but its a lithuanian name . i bet no-one on this board could actually pronouce it the way it should be pronounced so i suggest u call me TC :lol:

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thats a pretty name, lass :D ill try not to forget it, but i dont really post here that much - i rarely come on this board... and when i do come i just lurk somewhere and report blameless posts :lol:

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AH! I remember when I used to click that button just for the fun of it! :lol:


Shall I try then? :sneaky:


Just tell Ian "ah, I am sorry, I didn't knew what was that button for" :lol: ( I didn't actiolly, the first time, but after you doit many times, that's very unlikely! :lol: :sneaky: )

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