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Hullo ev1!!! :-)


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Howdy folks!


How's u? I've not been posting much in here lately, but that's just 'cuz I'm so busy now with my work and other stuff...but I miss all the purdy and charming and sexy people in here! :cool: :)


Hope ya'll are doing wonderfully!




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hey Daryl!

u missed me? wow!! :-) it's cool to see someone missed me! :)


hi ya Mr. Peed!!


Don't worry, I don't own a cowboy hat and yet, I tip it on msn, or at least I used to, quite a lot!! :lol: :smug:

ask Sweet One about it.... :D

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Oh, i forgot to add:


I was driving up from Houston to Dallas Sunday evening and while passing one of the college towns, i ran into a slow moving car that was in the left lane. So I kinda backed-in to her and she finally realized that she needs to change lanes and allow people to pass...


so when I passed her she gave me a bad look. But I was wearing my college baseball cap and I tipped it to her and waved. She kinda liked that 'cuz in like 5 minutes she caught up with me and was giving me looks! :stunned:

:lol: :wink3:



so i say: tip you hat to all the girls...u never know....lol

but I'm not a girl, so don't tip the hat to me! :lol:

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hahaha yep...that's cool!


but nah, ML is still at work; it's another thing that ML isn't doing his job right now.... and just goofin' off on here! :rolleyes: :lol:


ML wanted to come visit Chicago on his way to Detroit for Memorial Day weekend, but now seems it won't happen :/

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Sometimes... one needs to goof off at work every now and then.. relieves the stress! :lol:


You're going to Detroit? Sounds like fun!

Chicago's cool too... but I guess that'll have to wait for you for another time.. :cry: :)

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