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I think curry is one of those things that I've heard of a lot but I have no idea what it actually is.


Like marmalade. Actually that's not a good example because I know what that is now.


Same, sept I dont know what marmalade is...........

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OK, lets get this clear, crystal y'dig.


Curry- Indian style sauce to be spread over white or brown rice, can be mixed with chicken or beef or other meet products. Its hot, spicey, and is usually like a browny orangey type colour.


Marmalade- Like raspberry jam except made from like, hell I dont know what its made from, but its kinda orangey jam. Spread on toast. Its orange. Jam. Orange Jam.



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isn't it just the best thing ever and yet the most disgusting mixture at the same time :stunned:






i love 'curry', though it's a word that really the brits have coined to describe a whole range of Indian food entrees...so to me, the word itself is quite weird!! LOL


actually, 'curry' is 'cuddy-patta' or a type of whole-leaf that is used in some indian recipes as spice...it gives tangy taste...


but anyways...

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oh and now that i read the whole thread, what Reilly said is true as well... curry is also those spice-mix powders that you can get in pre-packed pouches or at your local indian grocer....and those 'curry' powders can be used to spice up pretty much anything you want! :cool:


to make things hot, i personally use the chinese hot sause...that thing is SERIOUS hot!! :stunned:

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Cury is used for hot-dogs in here, and it's bbbaaaad! I actiolly only like curry with chocolate, chocolate with curry to be precise.......


I got the impression this thread was old and someone brought it back

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