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well....I can talk with people anytime I want!.....that´s an advantage!...besides getting to know people I never thought I would know...is amaizing...match between some people...I´m really glad to find people like you in this world!...another thing that I already talked to Denisse is how this become part of your live!!!...sometimes I think what you are doing in the camp!?...and not only you...all members in here...feel like a real friendship...that hope never ends!.... ;)

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Is a messageboard so attractive?

Not just this one, but all messageboards.

You all say the Official one sucks, but still, there are thousands of users registered there.

Why do they work and how?


are you talking about the board itself or the members? its the members on the official board that take the shine off it there, apart from that its exactly the same make as this one here :cool:


take a look at http://www.big-boards.com - theres a whole world of messageboards with all kinds of different communities. Thats what makes them work, the community, friends, related interests etc. You wouldn't have started here if we didn't like Coldplay :D

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I was going more for what Joycye said....... well a mixture. I don't even come here for Coldplay anymore, I care more about a fly than what they do or are doing with their lives at the moment.


I just wondering how this works, it like Doogie and Hicksy know themselves so that's a different story (and still find it weird) but the rest of us... like I don't know Tom but he's much nicer than most people I know here, but I don't know that really, is just what I read and it's just a "part of". Same with Laura, you, Joycey and everyone here really.


We've build a relationship based on what we write

isn't that strange?

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of course it is strange ...I don´t remember how I get in here!!!....but I´m so glad about it!....either way we all are human beings...with feelings that are shared mutually...get interested in other peoples lives in a gud way!...I think is the greatest thing above all!... ;)

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I was just questioning myself that

I should have adkes How, not why


One of my best friends is from the board

now that sounds weird, but you are right on the part of we met people we never thought we will


I just find it weird

That's all

and very weird


I don't even know why I have to question myself everything

No questions, no answers

I guess that's better at times

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I do imagine your world...well you told me!...and I guess...it must be so for you....(inside the bubble)...but a gud world...away from everything you don´t like...and with a thousands of :huh: doubts to know and discover!!!!!!!!......that finally makes you a great woman! ;)

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