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Kyra, don't go!

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ok, here's my rough list. ill probably forget one or 2:

bright eyes, muse, morrissey, oasis, paul mccartney, longview, south, tim booth, damien rice, the zutons, snow patrol, keane, elbow, simple kid, franz ferdinand, the divine comedy, gomez, belle and sebastian, and a bit of nelly furtado.


i cant pick a best act, but snow patrol's 'run' was easily the best song i heard *gets all teary-eyed*

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hehe. its ok. i honestly cant remember what keane were like. i enjoyed every group, so they didnt suck. but they dont stand out. tim booth, damien rice, snow patrol, elbow and longview were my faves.



and of course mr conor oberst. :cool:

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