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name the artist?


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ok I really can't remember who sings this song and I can't even remember the name of it! But the lyrics are something along the lines of:

"daydreams, I fell asleep and ate the flowers

for a couple of hours,

on a beautiful day"


It's a chill-out song and I've been racking my brain for days :rolleyes: :dozey:


any help is appreciated :)

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i just looked into it, and apparently The Beta Band didn't do a cover of it as such.


The singing in "Daydream In Blue" is a sample from an old song, and both The Beta Band and I Monster used it (I Monster used it first). I think The Beta Band's song is called "Squares", but the actual track is different.


So now you know

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;) you're an absolute star!

All I could remember was that in the beta band video, it's some men going into space but they're actually just on a set :dizzy2:


SO cheers :cool: :D :D :D

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