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  1. Search has been indexed and is faster than ever. There is many CPU Cores and RAM dedicated to just search alone!
  2. Fixed! Just took a while to upload them all after the server switch
  3. Coldplaying analyses the impact of Alan McGee's famous 'bedwetters' comment printed in 'The Guardian' in 2000 It's no secret that Coldplay, one of the biggest bands in the world, has a lot of haters. However, in July of 2000, the band just released their debut album 'Parachutes' and had nowhere near the amount of fans they had today. In fact, Coldplaying.com was not launched until December of that year and even then, it only had a handful of members. Parachutes received high praise from major critics and universal love from the press. In a contemporary review of the album
  4. A Coldplaying team member has received an email from LiveNation alerting them that Coldplay has added a new show for Thursday, Dec 31st. Could this potentially mean a new album is in the works? Is this just a once off appearance or perhaps it could be a mistake? All we know is that she received a similar email announcing Coldplay’s January show in the Hollywood Palladium.
  5. DISCUSS STORY Coldplay and a number of other artists have teamed up with Live Nation to help support live music crews affected by COVID-19! "Live music inspires millions around the world, but the concerts we all enjoy wouldn’t be possible without the countless crew members working behind the scenes. As COVID-19 puts concerts on pause, we want to extend a helping hand to the touring and venue crews who depend on shows to make a living." Live Nation have created 'Crew Nation', a global relief fund for Live Music Crews. "Crew members are the backbone of the live music industry
  6. So excited for this, it's being broadcast on major networks. I wonder how it will all play out?
  7. DISCUSS STORY Global Citizen have today announced their 'One World: Together At Home' broadcast which will feature Chris Martin from Coldplay! As the world unites to combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronaviruspandemic, Global Citizen and the World Health Organization (WHO) have announced the One World: Together At Home global special in support of the fight against COVID-19. The special will be broadcast live on Saturday, April 18, at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on ABC, NBC, ViacomCBS Networks, and iHeartMedia, as well as Bell Media networks and platforms in Canada. Internationally,
  8. Added a Dark theme. Most of my time will be pumped into the light theme so don't expect much from it! You can select it at the bottom of the page.
  9. Oops, sorry about that guys! Edited the wrong setting 😛
  10. Can you send a screenshot of the quoted text?
  11. Update: The site is being rebuilt and re-indexed. Right now you may notice a few glitches including post counts being incorrect and a few 'post not found' messages. These will all be fixed but the site has to go through a long process of rebuilding. During that time, search will not work. This may take a few days or even a few weeks before it is all back to normal. Most of you will not notice any difference but I just wanted to let you all know it will be fixed soon 🙂 In the meantime, if you encounter any other bugs, please let me know! I am trying to get out of Beta as soon as possible
  12. Dude, you're so lucky to have one of these. This is the perfect keyboard for Coldplay songs, I am so jealous!
  13. New Downloads page has been finished. Much easier for me in the backend so hopefully it will start to fill up with more files. Also you can now stream video which is amazing! Some of these files are huge but the streams are adaptive and will adjust quality depending on your connection. Let me know what ye think!
  14. Great idea, just implemented that there!
  15. Will's lovely message to everyone as a 2 Wish Upon A Star ambassador. Coldplay recently contributed an instrumental version of 'A Sky Full of Stars' for 2 Wish's new 'Sky Full of Stars' app to provide bereavement support to families who have lost a loved one. So nice to see and hear from Will again during these strange times. It feels like forever since we've seen him!
  16. I've put a new posts button in the menu and one in the top right of the page under the social media buttons. Is that okay for everyone? I'm not sure if I can change the position of the notification button but its only an extra click anyway. I think it shows the number of new notifications at the bottom of the screen when you log in for a few seconds. I will try and add the member join date and badges now!
  17. Yes, everything is still being rebuilt and recounted. It will take a while considering the size of the forum!
  18. A dark mode is in the works! I’m not sure how it will work but I’ve been trying out a few ideas. I will treak the slider on the forum page to make it a bit smaller if I can. Glad you like it so far, thanks for the feedback!
  19. Just added an 'Older Posts' button that redirects to the news page. There are only four articles at the moment, you can view the old archived articles using the navigation menu at the very bottom of the page. Just click 'News Archive'. I will see what I can do with the new posts section. I believe the 'Activity' menu will show you all recent activity on the site. The search index is currently being rebuilt so not much is showing up at the moment. Thank you for the feedback!
  20. Also BBCode is no longer supported. It was introduced in 1998 and was becoming increasingly difficult to work with for me and had a number of limitations. The new editor is much more standardised and modern. BBCode is slowly being phased out on a lot of forums and was discontinued in this version of the sites platform. I will try clean the old code up as much as possible but I recommend creating your signature again!
  21. Hey everyone, As you can see, everything looks different! We moved over from an old server onto a brand new, super powerful server that will massively improve the speed of the website. During the transfer, we decided to take the plunge and change platforms. I was unhappy with the previous forum software as it was not very optimised and very difficult to develop on. This new platform combines the Forum and News section of the website into one streamlined experience. This will allow me to invite guest writers in to create content for Coldplaying as the experience is much easier. Before
  22. A lot of things are sort of broken right now but I’ll sort it out tomorrow. I’ve been working on this for 8 straight days and today it is finally working! There’s a bunch of issues including colour mismatches (clearly), spam, code issues and more. All will be fixed soon!
  23. You’re looking at what I’ve been doing during quarantine! Coldplaying is now running on a new server and platform.
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