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  1. 1 - Miracles (Someone Special) 2 - A L I E N S 3 - All I Can Think About is You 4 - Hypnotised 5 - Something Just Like This (original version)
  2. This song really took me by surprise, it's amazing. Such a powerful message as well.
  3. With every release, there's usually 1 song that I instantly get attached to after the first listen, and just keep listening to it. This is turning out to be one of those songs. I was a bit worried that Big Sean would "ruin" the song but wow, his verse really works. Anyone knows if it's going to be a single? Hope it becomes a hit.
  4. Great song. Wasn't doing much for me when it was released, but after a few listens it has grown on me. Also agree that the vocals could be a bit more clearer.
  5. Disappointed that Something Just Like This is on the EP, but I guess it counts as a new song. Hope the rest of it delivers, Hypnotised is a great start.
  6. All I can say for now is that it's so much better than Something Just Like This. Needs more listens.
  7. I'm liking it. I was expecting something a lot worse, as I think The Chainsmokers are extremely overrated and "Closer" is one of the worst songs I've ever heard.
  8. Reasonable or not, people are buying them. That's all the promoters care about.
  9. Quite outraged that a $94.50 ticket comes out to $152. I mean, the stadium fee alone is $35! Might wait a little while to buy tickets because buying them on the day the general sale begins is a mess.
  10. So if that's true, it looks like the 2017 tour kicks off in Europe in June. Slightly disappointing, and it only makes me want to get tickets for the second North American leg instead of waiting for another round of Latin American dates.
  11. They announced the dates way too early. It seems that every other major act has been doing the same thing with their tours, which is disgusting. Either way, I guess I'm better off buying a ticket ahead of time to be safe instead of sorry.
  12. Keep in mind that Ticketmaster has it's tricks to slow sales down. Didn't get to access the pre-sale cause I signed up very late. At least I should have a pre-sale code in case they announce additional shows (hopefully closer to home!). Friday is gonna be a mess.
  13. So have any shows sold out yet?
  14. $29.50, $69.50, $99.50, $169.50 and $225 seems to be the price range (without fees), according to Ticketmaster - unless there are some prices missing. Going to try my best to avoid those two high prices when the general sale starts.
  15. Was anyone able to figure out the price range? Also wonder why they increased ticket prices, they were already making enough money with the previous ones!
  16. I am really, really considering flying up to Miami to catch this show. Will take the risk and purchase tickets 10 months in advance, knowing how much things can change. Strange how this is the only city to have tickets go on sale on October 21st. Will be my very first Coldplay show if all goes as planned. :nice:
  17. My ranking: 01 - The Bends 02 - In Rainbows 03 - OK Computer 04 - A Moon Shaped Pool 05 - Kid A 06 - Hail to the Thief 07 - Pablo Honey 08 - Amnesiac 09 - The King of Limbs
  18. So apparently the show got cut short due to weather. After AOAL they went straight to ASFOS.
  19. I think it was to be expected since this appearance is in the middle of the tour.
  20. The same question can be applied to Politik. It should never been taken out of the setlist.
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