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  1. I realise I'm reviving a reaaally old thread but has anyone had any luck finding something similar since? I suddenly find myself with the urge to get one for my college room -- would be a really cool reference for those who get it, do the job of providing unobtrusive lighting, and not be generic like fairy lights. Would really appreciate any leads.
  2. https://theartsdesk.com/new-music/cd-coldplay-everyday-life Found a Pitchfork-like review lol. Even though it comes off as slightly harsh in tone ("Martin comes over like a stoned teenager who's watched Newsnight with a Tinariwen album on in the background") -- the rating is ultimately not bad (3/5).
  3. Oh lmao just found out that this has already been discovered on the Cry Cry Cry thread, nvm.
  4. Okay thanks to you (and whoever the blessed soul is who updated Wikipedia) I think I might've stumbled upon a discovery. So Bertrend Berns and Jerry Ragovoy actually wrote a song together titled 'Cry Baby' which was recorded by Garnett Mimms and the Enchanters in 1963, and just listen to that beginning:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBVFcnbAz28 Sounds uncannily like the snippet of 'Cry Cry Cry' that was played at the start of the press conference (with an additional "Cry"). I'm fairly certain this track was sampled for the song. Janis Joplin also recorded a cover in 1970 so could be from that too, though I think the voice matches up more with the original. Also I'm absolutely pumped about Scott Hutchinson being featured here -- was turned onto FR through the Midnight Organ Fight tribute album that came out earlier this year and instantly fell in love with Scott's vocals/lyrics. I'd be really happy even if it was just him singing the entire song, even though it's Coldplay's. Couldn't ask for a more fitting conclusion than that.
  5. Does anybody have any information about Chris Martin's appearance on Capital FM's Breakfast show w/ Roman Kemp? I've been tuned in since 8 AM UK time but there doesn't appear to be any sign of him making an appearance. Also, I haven't been on the forums for a while (until recently with the new album hype) but if I remember correctly there used to be dedicated threads made for every interview appearance that the band members made -- any clue why that doesn't seem to be the case anymore?
  6. Oh man, this breaks my heart. I was worried about not being able to attend but I suddenly don't care as much. I haven't been on this forum that long and even since joining I've been a sporadic member at best, but I've always seen you around whenever I come on. And you're ever-ready to extend a helping hand too! Fate really sucks for snatching this opportunity away from you. The Hardest Part invariably comes to mind when I'm in such predicaments as well. But don't let it break your heart, I'm sure good things are coming your way. My sincerest wishes for your hospital stay, I hope it isn't nearly as daunting as it seems. Take care!!! :) And there you go saving the day again! Thank you so much, I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  7. Hey guys. I was just as pumped about watching this movie in the theatre but I find myself in a bit of a quandary now. The show should be tomorrow but the ticket booking page still says “Coming Soon” for me (when originally it said “Coming on Nov 10th”). I’m curious if anybody else in any other country is facing a similar issue? The ecstasy that I experienced on learning that the movie would be screened in my country (India) has been replaced by a deep uncertainty and I’m really hoping the opportunity doesn’t gets taken away from me.
  8. ALIENS is frickin' great. Sounds so prog, I love it. Reminds me of 42, and of course X&Y. And also Radiohead - that's 3 songs out of 5 that sound strikingly inspired by them (Hypnotised, AICTAIY, ALIENS). Brian Eno really is a magician, isn't he? Add him to the mix and you're guaranteed a great track. Also, what's all this talk about ALIENS being a VLV-era track? How'd that come about? If it's true though I guess that explains the 42 vibes I got from it. Also yay I was right it's about refugees. Video animation reminiscent of old Daft Punk vids. Lyrics are kind of uninspired, which is a pity because they could've done so much more with this concept and sound. I'm happy though, this EP is a Kaleidoscope after all, a little something for everyone.
  9. Who is Dianne Martel and how is she associated with this song? Also, if she is this just reinforces my guess that it's going to be a song about the refugee crisis.
  10. Haha yea it was. But still, it means they knew of the song's existence! And the comment received over 100 likes. That makes me happy. :D Vid's not available for me. Says "an error occured". THANK YOU! You're a legend.
  11. After reading the lyrics on the artwork, I get the feeling that A L I E N S is a refugee song, like Moving to Mars. That would explain the title as well. Damn hyped for this one. *fingers crossed it's 6 min plus* I haven't heard anything by Big Sean but I'm keeping an open mind because I remember initially prejudicing Lost+ simply because Jay-Z is a 'rapper' (I did not know about his greatness then) but when I gave it a genuine chance I was rewarded because his verse takes the song to a new level. However, not a big fan of the "my father told me" line because it's there in literally every mainstream EDM song but the rest of the lyrics seem intriguing, it's curious how he refers to Cassius as 'great' however, and not Caesar. About AICTAIY, I do believe the live version was better but that's only expected given the fact that it's an absolute rocker and there's nothing like watching Will smash those drums to death! Video deserves just as much praise. Also, I'm impressed with the comment section on YouTube as all the top comments seem to comprise of genuine coldplay/oldplay fans, with a great comment dissecting each part of the song into diff eras and another one even mentioning I Ran Away! Though of course I'd prefer a Coldplay-only version of SJLT, let's be honest - it's a pretty mediocre track and turning it 'more rock' isn't gonna save the other areas where it's lacking (e.g.- lyrics, IMO). Also, could someone please tell me more about Brian Eno's work on MX? I did not know he left it halfway. That actually explains a lot, as to why there are songs like Princess of China on one side and HLH and DLIBYH on the other. I understand if information on the matter cannot be revealed for whatever might be the reason however.
  12. I thought Jay-Z's verse on Lost+ was legendary.
  13. Living in perfect symmetry.

  14. I thought I was the only one who could hear Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool-influences on All I Can Think About Is You. The initial riff and bassline, as well as Chris Martin's vocal style, it's strikingly similar. More than that though the ending sounds like Atlas going full-blown and the piano part in between reminiscent of Clocks (loving the little piano add-ons throughout the song btw, accompanies the vocals brilliantly). Not only this song though, even Hypnotised reminded me of the song Daydreaming off AMSP. But boy I'm not complaining, Radiohead are my second favourite band. I really can't wait for Kaliedoscope, even the possibly-A L I E N S snippet sounds Oldplay-ish and if they really did work with Eno there's no going wrong there. And Miracles wasn't a bad song to begin with, so I don't see how they could go wrong with that either. I second the proposition that SJLT should be a Coldplay version void of the Chainsmokers. And I feel it just might be, because there were no features specified when the tracklist was released. And those bastards intentionally debuted AICTAIU on the last day of the Asian tour, an attempt to tease the fanbase and damn did it work!!!!
  15. Hi. I love your collection. But I have a few questions. Can you tell me about the official tour programs? Is the X&Y one "How We Saw The World"? And which are the rest? And the I Ran Away Project, what's that?
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