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  1. Anyway, I found a lot of bootlegs on this website: Guitars101 - Guitar Forums . It has some soundboard ones that are very high quality
  2. No, it was in the right order before. Maybe this only means they're adding some lyrics (like flags) or doing some more interesting changes in the website๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€
  3. And here's mine๐Ÿ˜„ Overall a very well done mixtape, very coherent with the title and tracks are really on the same vibe, all relaxing, hypnotic and sensual,I really liked this coherence. Also, it gave me the opportunity to listen to a style of music I generally donโ€™t listen, nice listening experience and thank you for made me relisten to a couple of beautiful songs I already knew but lost touch with! 1. Cosmic delirium: 8, nice instrumental to begin this hypnotic journey, as the title suggests itโ€™s all space vibes, but a catchy relaxing melody (appreciated) instead of a delirium/
  4. My review of "What if we.. in the future": 1) in love: a really enjoyable instrumental, fits well as a intro and with the mysterious tone of the title: 8 2) in crisis: at first I didn't like it for the strong beat, but I ended up enjoying it and vibing to it: 7 3) a fling, you say: def not my cup of tea, I enjoyed it nonetheless: 6 4) turn the page: very disco-like, still not my genre, but this time it didn't grow in me: 5 5) uneasy: I liked this one, vocals on point, liked the melody, and made me think of a night road trip: 7 6) lovesick: very mystical melody, particularly liked her vocals: 7
  5. Question: so after we have done the review of the mixtape we recived and we're all finished, are we all going to share our mixtape here with everybody as well? And will we also reveal the real titles and authors?
  6. Hi, do you maybe have an high quality pic of this poster? It's the one that comes with the Everyday Life silver vynil (but If I'm not mistaken there was also a colored poster circulating when they were teasing the album)
  7. I think they said july 20th beacasue that's when there's the next new moon, while on august 3rd there's the next full moon. Anyway I personally don't think they have some greater meaning than moon phases, sadly..
  8. Did you notice it?! Page 22 of the booklet
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