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    This or That?

    Milk Chocolate Damien Rice or Jeff Buckley
  2. Indeed. Since i was a kid, Run was a favourite song of mine. I always knew Snow Patrol. But it was Chocolate that made go "wow (pun intended). I love this band's sound" and listen to the final straw album (my favourite). Then the rest is history.
  3. This song is often overlooked by fans because it's from their second album. (And people don't lisen to their two first albums that much). But if you are a Snow Patrol fan, don't miss this song. Such a shame that their first two albums have been labeled as "bad".
  4. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall vs. Ghost Story
  5. Oh, i love Soon because of the lyrics. "Life won't flash before your eyes Instead we'll fall away then melt like snow The secret storms of your wild youth Now just gentle breezes, warm and faint"
  6. They are coming back to Portugal this summer. They are playing in a festival in the same day as Keane. Too good to be true. But unfortantely i can't go. But there's something on Snow Patrol's sound that no one else has. It's such a smooth and comfy sound. PS: Check out The Reindeer Section. It's a super group created by Gary.
  7. Lol, i just realized that i'm so rusty on Coldplay stuff. O
  8. Or maybe they are just going to surprise us with something new, i hope.
  9. I honestly don't know. You have the kaleidosccope ep, wich is more like oldplay. But you also have that Los Unidades thing. And Chris has been around hip-hop artists and has been playing with them a lot. I honestly think that Chris should release a solo album with his edm/hip-hop, and make a "coldplay" album with coldplay. Sure, they can experiment new sounds and stuff. But they need to consider that the fans won't listen to hip-hop just because it's coldplay. You can compare Parachutes with Mylo Xyloto, they are so diferent from each other, but they are both "coldplay". That's just my opinion. So, we either have a darker oldplay album or a dancy pop album. As long as it's good, i don't mind being one or another.
  10. And the members of the band didn't help either. They also don't say good things about that album that much nor play many songs from it.
  11. The majority of the tracks on X&Y are underrated. That album was kind of forgotten.
  12. I rate that song with a biblical 8/10. Noel is the man.
  13. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall vs. Spies
  14. Oasis Coldplay Radiohead Snow Patrol Damien Rice (If he doesn't count because he's a solo artist, i'd go with Keane)
  15. I went to their concert on february 16th. It was amazing. I was honestly expecting less, but it was so good that i couldn't listen to any music the following day because it didn't live up to the concert. Just Say Yes and Called Out In The Dark performed live are perfect.
  16. I think that the post-X&Y Coldplay material is musicaly better written (in terms of instrumentals and structures). But that's the thing, when they "evolved" their writting style, they lost their cozy, warm, simple Coldplay sound. They lost their simplistic and emotion driven sound. They also lost their "outcast" feeling. Personally i prefer the post X&Y era, but i see why fans are devided on Coldplay's material.
  17. NOW my feet won't touch the ground
  18. Fly On might be their best song in terms of musicality, in my opinion. Up&Up might come in second place
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