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  1. Just curious as to where you can get that information. Obviously theres the sales flash on Monday, but where did you get Thursday figures?
  2. I just do not believe they would do anything without Chris, we have seen it ourselves; they are brothers. I don't think they are "up to something". I wouldn't be surprised to see new Coldplay late 2019 early 2020.
  3. Believe me the band would never release anything half on half not. Its Coldplay or no play. (or Los Unidades...)
  4. If I had just learned of a miscarriage for my family and some guy said congratulations, he would be lucky to get away with a punch in the face. We can be tolerant and loving but there are red lines, even for Chris Martin.
  5. Guys if Chris likes Love It If We Made It then we are in for a treat. Literally song of the decade don't @me.
  6. Paradise because its not only so uplifting but because its the song that really makes me realise how special Coldplay are. There is something about when the whole band comes in for the first time and those strings float on top. You just think this band is incredible, end of story.
  7. I fear I may have sparked a small war with my somewhat controversial comments on Imagine Dragons! Lets all keep it loving and friendly people. We are one big band, from Coldplayers to music fans worldwide. People can enjoy what they want, and music can be whatever you want it to be for you. Lets try to appreciate the good in all music, as I shall from now on. We can all learn from each other <3
  8. It is what I have been saying for years, they are the last great, big rock band. Imagine Dragons are now so awful they have no chance of ever getting close to anything like the success of Coldplay. I suppose The 1975 (Who's new album is INCREDIBLE) are next in line to the throne, but idk if they are ever gonna be a stadium rock band.
  9. Its a good point, you gotta remember these guys are geniuses and create more than an albums worth of songs every era that could be special. Wouldn't mind seeing this, but also wouldn't mind a conventional album......
  10. It IS only a side project. Rise Up isnt even Coldplay... Having said that Timbuktu is one of the best songs I have heard in a while, Stormzy's verse is amazing and I love the production and chorus. Coldplay really are geniuses, and they have embraced other geniuses this time, a really cool experiment for the boys, they probably learnt a lot and just had some fun.
  11. Why do people think they are entitled to the exact sort of Coldplay record they want. If everybody thought this way, then we would not have Radiohead's Kid A or U2's Achtung Baby. Believe me when I say that Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion know what they are doing, you don't get to be the worlds biggest band without being smart. Let em get on with it, and they will come back huge soon. First lets just enjoy "Live in..." next week.
  12. Yea it was only a fabrication created by us lot with "unsold ideas" thing. None of this hype was created by Coldplay tbh.
  13. God you people have completely missed the point of this. Its not Coldplay. Its just not. The members are involved, but its just for Chris to do something cool for his charity, dont get all high and mighty saying its shit cus it aint Coldplay. Personally I think its a bop, but like dw new Coldplay 2019/20 is still coming :)
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