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  1. eu nunca vi esse site antes... de onde vc tirou esse site? alguém te passou?

  2. vou te ligar, vou só terminar de fazer um trabalho aqui, hahaha pensei q tava vendendo em lojas físicas, surtei! hahaha. vc tá pensando em comprar mesmo?

  3. E VC TÁ ME ZUANDO, NÉ?! ONDE TEM O VINIL????????????????????????????????????????

  4. sarolinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tenho uma coisa SEM NOÇÃO p/ te falarrrrrrrrrrr!!! tb acho q eles nem ganham nada, muito triste. Tipo, Katy Perry???? :freak:

  5. Awwwwwwwwwww, he's so adorable!!! :nice: :blush: I hadn't watched his videos before, so I've spent quite some time now watching them all! :lol:
  6. Lorezita, catch these: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :hug:
  7. ^ Oh, I'll definitely let her know about that, Lili! Thank you for the tip! :nice: ohhh, I see :\
  8. I share the same opinion, girls. The point is that sometimes some friends or relatives would tell me that I should stop "dreaming" so much about them, since they are actually pretty far from my daily life or reality. Actually I feel them pretty close. And you're completely right on your point, Tracie, the band have always encouraged me to do good things in "real life" for the greater good. I thought they were named The Coldplay as well (?) Haha, my dad would have driven you nuts, Tracie, he used to say Goldplay :laugh3:
  9. ^ that`s a good guess I would say :) what about "My drunken hazard Daniel in a lion's den", guys? I tried to translate in order to make it clearer, I couldn`t understand the english properly but I wasn`t succesful on finding out.
  10. @ That singles box is my dream :wacko: but I guess 80 euros is indeed too much. I`ve already seen it in amazon for 60 dollars! The difference is huge, that`s weird! @ Oh no! Closing its doors for good, Tash? Hopefully show would find something there! @ Wyrd, thank you for the website! :nice: Is that every teardrop item the ep? Couldn`t find a place where I could click to see it... @ Su, I`ve ordered Matt`s book 2 weeks ago! :nice: Hopefully it won`t take too long to arrive here. haha, come on, how could you almost get lost in downtown? In the historic center? And yeah, I`ve already
  11. same here! :laugh3: :laugh3: :laugh3: My mom said EXACTLY the same thing after I showed her they were selling the exact costumes of Will and Chris on ebay... The second one is kinda sad, but it happens to me too. Some people use to tell me that I have to give more importance to real things rather than talk a lot about Coldplay :sad: And it`s the worst thing ever when people write Cold Play :dozey:
  12. Awwww, this is so true! I feel the same! :hug: :heart: when you get into a store and you realize they are playing the entire MX and you can`t walk way until it`s over :P when you get extremelly happy everytime someone says that she/he had listened to Coldplay and remembered of you. when you don`t go out with your friends because Coldplay`s presentation is going to pass on tv and even though you`ve already watched it a thousand times on the computer you have to watch it again :rolleyes:
  13. Li_cold

    wayback machine

    ^ indeed! :P It looks like a blog I used to have when I was like 15 :P
  14. IloveChris, I've already tried it and it's definitely a good place to find great stuff! ;) :lol: :lol: Su Paltrow (:P) that's not fair, is it? Have your already got yours? I didn't see it in BH yet, can you believe it? Lili! :kiss: Of course I remember you! :nice: Awww, thank you for being so kind! :blush: So is there a fnac in Lisbon as well? Gotta write every single possibility! :P Does anybody know if Virgin is a good shot in Paris? It's still opened there, right? I got traumatized when I knew the huge one in NY got closed.
  15. Wowwww, thank you girls for the amazing reviews! It really seemed a special concert! Greend eyes, Parachutes and then Shiver? :freak: Oh my dear gosh!!!!! :dead: :dead: :dead: You girls are so lucky!!! :nice: And sooooo nie your elephant costumes! :awesome: Lovely idea!!! How come people didn't know who Jonn was???? :thumbsdown: Really, that makes me really angry. Real fans don't get the opp to take pics and these random guys do? That's not fair... :sad:
  16. Thank you for the replies, guys! Hmmmm, this thing that I have with eBay is based on 2 stories I've heard from a friend of mine, who wasn't lucky enough to get what she had ordered and didn't get the money back :sad3: Oh, there is a Fnac in here as well, but I bet it doesn't even compare to the one in Paris. Thank you, Clocks In My Place (sorry, dunno your name :/), I'll sure tell her to check it out! :) strikie, do you remember the name of the store?
  17. Well, it was a setlist with no surprises, that's for sure. I wouldn't mind at all if they took off songs like Lost, Violet Hill, The Scientist in order to fit UWTB and DLIBYH, for example. And, come on, how could they substitute UATW by Up in flames?
  18. I've already heard that eBay isn't one of the most trusteable ones, Tracie, is that true? But I've already bought some very nice stuff from amazon, for example. It seems that physical music stores are coming to an end. It would be so much easier for me if this friend of mine could simply go to the stores so that I wouldn't have to worry with the shippings that are usually high... :/
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